Blood Bound – A party-esque game

Fantasy Flight Games has a new game coming out. I think it could be classed under board games, but it is really more of a social game, more similar to those murder mystery games. You need 6 – 12 players to play it. It is turn based, and works around deduction, bluffing and strategy. It also includes vampires.

Here is a quote from the page:

“Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Blood Bound, a game of deduction, bluffing, and strategy for six to twelve players. You and your clan of vampires must work together to capture the leader of your rival clan. However, your adversaries won’t sit idle as you work. They will be simultaneously working to identify and eliminate your leader. The catch? Everyone is secretly assigned an identity and clan affiliation at the beginning of the game–you can never be truly certain who is your friend and who is your foe!”

There is a lot of information on the announcement page about this. And right at this time, I am too tired to read it all and give my detailed thoughts on it, so your best bet is to get on over and read it yourself. I’ve played a few of these social games before and they are really quite interesting and fun, depending on those you are playing with of course. I also usually do pretty badly at them, because I am not nearly sneaky enough and can’t read people for information either.

Also, it has a big cardboard dagger in it, what else more can you want? Link here.

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