Blind Wizard Brawl Kickstarter Review

As you enter the dark arena, you can only barely make out the 3 opponents in the distant. Before your eyes can adjust to the darkness, one of you opponents unleash a massive fireball at you. Before you have time to think you summon a large wave to block it. Even though the fireball was completely blocked, your other opponent isn’t aware of this fact, so you drop to a knee and play possum. An evil laugh rings out around the arena as you wearily stand. Suddenly you summon a massive growth of roots straight at him. The laugh goes silent in an instant; he stumbles backwards and throws up a weak blaze defense. The roots catch him in the chest and knock him to the ground. Again, the arena falls to blackness and the Blind Wizard Brawl has begun!

Requires the free Blind Wizard Brawl app.  Each player uses the app to secretly generate their wizard which includes stats and a unique ability. These stats are private, so keep them out of sight!

Split the cards into three stacks for each spell type:

                     Wave                                                                 Growth                                                                 Blaze

Each player then takes one of each of these cards to create their three-card deck. Shuffle these and then draw 2 to create your opening hand.

During your turn, you do two things: Magic, and Draw.

First, do some magic! To do magic, you can do one of three things, Chant, Cast, or Mind Blast.

  • Chant: Choose a card type you wish to chant. If a stack is empty, no player can chant from it. Take a card from the top of the stack of your choice and play it immediately by using the card’s chant effects.

You may then channel any number of cards of the same type as the chanted card from your hand, which improves the effects.

The chanted card and any channeled cards are then placed in your discard pile, face up next to your deck.


  • Cast: Return a card from your hand to its stack to use that spell to attack another player. Announce the value of your attacking spell.

Your target takes damage equal to the difference between your attacking stat and their blocking stat. They do not need to announce what their blocking spell’s value is, or how much damage (if any) they take from your attack.

You may cast extra cards of the same color from your hand to boost that attack by one per card.


  • Mind Blast (Bomb): Return one Blaze card, one Wave card, and one Growth card from your hand to their respective stacks. Choose an opponent and deal 5 damage to them!

You cannot Mind Blast if you don’t have all three cards.


After doing magic, draw a card from your deck. There is no maximum hand size. Whenever you would draw a card and your deck is empty, simply shuffle your discard pile and place it face-down to create a new deck.

You end your turn and the next player begins. Play continues until there is only one wizard standing!

Blind Wizard Brawl is a micro deck builder by Wrench Games. “Wait what? A micro deck builder!” I hear you say. I won’t lie; when I heard that phase I was pretty shocked too. I would like to think I have quite a good knowledge of all things board games, so when I heard this phase I was a little taken aback.  I have never heard of a micro deck builder so this game had me confused and excited just from reading that.

It is funny to think that before playing this game I was so confused and found the name of the genre so strange. After playing it, the only way I could think of describing it is as a micro deck builder. So enough about this genre and more about the game.

Blind Wizard Brawl is a super fun game that considering it only really has three card types and an app, is a lot more strategic and complex than I thought at first glance. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a very light & simple game but it has a few really simple and yet strategic elements. For example, to play this you must download an app. This app gives you all of your wizard’s stats and life points; when you lose life you hit the down arrow and it makes a small pinging sound. So in theory you could simply listen to how many pings you hear and work out your opponents stats, which seems pointless as you are meant to have your stats hidden. Yet Wrench games have thought of this and added a button on the app that mimics the same sound, so you can lose two life and hit the other button twice so you can bluff your opponent. This for me really tickled my fancy and I thought this was a brilliant touch.

I know some people are rolling their eyes thinking; ‘Great I have to get an app; what’s the point of playing a board game.’  I know this element of the game is going to be a bit hit and miss with some people. I know Mick and his girlfriend didn’t like this element at first but after playing about half the game, they really came to enjoy it and couldn’t imagine the game without it.  This is quite possibly the best app and board game integration I have ever experienced.

If the app is the only thing stopping you from backing this game, please don’t let it. If this game had cards or a tick down dice or any other scoring mechanism it just truly wouldn’t work. That is the reason I am going on about the app so much, as without it this game wouldn’t be possible. As a tech geek, I do love that apps are becoming part of board games but I am quite hesitant about it too. In my liking of this game the app is an integral part of the game, so I celebrate it. Yet if it added very little to the game or the game could be played completely without it, I would feel like it was a waste.

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So this game is a prototype, and as you will notice it is very rarely I will comment on the production value or the quality of the material, but man Wrench Games have gone all out with their prototype. The cards use an amazingly thick card stock with a beautiful matte finish on them and I think the cards are as thick or possibly thicker than the tucker box they were delivered in.

Overall I really liked Blind Wizard Brawl, and though some gamers may not find this game complex or complicated enough, this truly is a fun light game with a heap of replay value.  It is easy to learn and teach. It can be taken anywhere and played in less than 15 mins. It is a super fun filler game that brought me as much, if not more enjoyment than most full-sized deck builders.

If you would like to check out Wrench Games’ micro deck builder (ha ha still makes me smile and giggle) then it hits Kickstarter on the 20th and you can find it here.

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