Big Shot for the Netrunners: Victorian Store Championships

IMAG0692Shucks howdy, net-runners! We’ve been kept pretty busy with all the tournaments going on here in Victoria, so we thought: why not take a break to talk about some of the store championships we’ve been to? Two weeks ago your friendly and attractive ATGN team took a road trip out to Ballarat, where the local Good Games was raking in players; both city-natives and pilgrims such as ourselves were in attendance, and all told the day saw 17 of us vying for some sweet, sweet prizes. If Criminals are still supposed to be top-dog in the Runner game it was hard to tell from here, as both Anarch and Shaper were in strong showing, while on the flip side of that coin all corporations made a respectable appearance, though with Jinteki a little behind the others in popularity. The day saw a mix of veteran gamers and some brand new to Netrunner, and the atmosphere was overwhelmingly positive, with friends and strangers alike gathering round in the breaks to bond over the game.


Ah, but I know what you’re really here for! You’ve heard who was there, you’ve seen me rattle on about the atmosphere – what you really want to know is who won, am I right? Well let’s get to it – after 4 Swiss rounds and a cut to top 4, the winner of the day was Matt Leong, who took home the plaque with the power of NBN Rush and a Runner archetype he likes to call “Back to Basics” Chaos Theory.


NBN: The World is Yours* (44)

Agendas (11)

Astroscript Pilot Program x 3
Project Beale x 3
Breaking News x 2
Character Assassination x 1

Assets (3)

Jackson Howard x 3

ICE (15)

Pop-Up Window x 3
Tollbooth x 3
Chimera x 3
Bastion x 3
Paper Wall x 3

Operations (10)

Hedge Fund x 3
Scorched Earth x 3 (12 inf)
Sweeps Week x 3
Closed Accounts x 1

Upgrades (5)

SanSan City Grid x 2
Bernice Mai x 3


Chaos Theory: Wunderkind (40)

Events (24)

Inside Job x 1 (3 inf)
Maker’s Eye x 3
Modded x 3
Stimhack x 2 (2 inf)
Test Run x 3
Diesel x 3
Tinkering x 3
Sure Gamble x 3
Infiltration x 3

Hardware (4)

Dinosaurus x 2
Plascrete Carapace x 2

Programs (8)

Ninja x 1 (2 inf)
Corroder x 2 (4 inf)
Femme Fatale x 1 (1 inf)
Nerve Agent x 1 (2 inf)
Yog.0 x 1 (1 inf)
Gordian Blade x 1
Magnum Opus x 1

Resources (4)

Woman in the Red Dress x 1
Personal Workshop x 2
All-Nighter x 1


Runner-up for the day was local Merric Blackman, who challenged Matt at his own game with another NBN rush deck of similar design, and whose Whizzard deck (a Runner well-represented that day) fought valiantly in the last round but ultimately fell to the might of NBN. Here’s what he ran that day:


NBN: The World is Yours* (40)

Agendas (12)

Astroscript Pilot Program x 3
Breaking News x 3
Project Beale x 3
Restructured Datapool x 1

Assets (3)

Jackson Howard x 3

ICE (10)

Bastion x 1
Paper Wall x 2
Pop-Up Window x 3
Wall of Static x 1
Chimera x 1
Enigma x 2

Operations (15)

Hedge Fund x 3
Sweeps Week x 3
Psychographics x 2
Midseason Replacements x 3
Scorched Earth x 3 (12 inf)
Closed Accounts x 1


Whizzard: Master Gamer (45)

Events (18)

Sure Gamble x 3
Special Order x 2 (4 inf)
Infiltration x 2
Deja Vu x 2
Quality Time x 3 (3 inf)
Stimhack x 3
Dirty Laundry x 3

Hardware (6)

Plascrete Carapace x 2
HQ Interface x 2 (4 inf)
Spinal Modem x 2

Programs (13)

Corroder x 2
Yog.0 x 1
Ninja x 1 (2 inf)
Medium x 2
Imp x 2
Datasucker x 2
Zu.13 Keymaster x 1 (2 inf)
Mimic x 1
Crypsis x 1

Resources (8)

Daily Casts x 2
Kati Jones x 2
Ice Carver x 1
Liberated Account x 3



Matt contemplating his next run
against Wilfy’s servers.

Next on the tour was Good Games Box Hill, whose store championship took place the following Saturday, and with Fear and Loathing finally out and tournament-legal for this one, there was no shortage of GRNDL decks out to lay the hurt on careless Runners. 15 players walked in that morning, but only one could take home the plaque; the final match was a fierce battle between Matt Leong (the one and the same) and Wilfy Horig. The first game came as close as they get, with a 10-6 result in favour of Wilfy and then, proving that good old HB fast advance and the raw consistency of Andromeda remain a force to be reckoned with, Wilfy took the second game as well, crowning him as the tournament winner.


Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future (49)

Agendas (11)

Efficiency Commitee x 3
Accelerated Beta Test x 3
Director Haas’ Pet Project x 1
Gila Hands Arcology x 1
Project Vitruvius x 3

Assets (6)

Adonis Campaign x 3
Jackson Howard x 3 (3 inf)

ICE (19)

Paper Wall x 3
Grim x 1
Tollbooth x 1 (2 inf)
Ichi 1.0 x 1
Viktor 2.0 x 1
Rototurret x 3
Pop-Up Window x 1 (1 inf)
Viper x 1
Eli 1.0 x 3
Wall of Static x 2
Enigma x 2

Operations (8)

Green Level Clearance x 2
Biotic Labor x 3
Hedge Fund x 3

Upgrades (5)

Ash 2X3ZB9CY x 2
SanSan City Grid x 3 (9 inf)


Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie (45)

Events (25)

Sure Gamble x 3
Special Order x 3
Easy Mark x 3
Account Siphon x 3
Dirty Laundry x 3
Emergency Shutdown x 3
Forged Activation Orders x 2
Inside Job x 3
Hostage x 2

Hardware (6)

Desperado x 2
R&D Interface x 2 (4 inf)
Plascrete Carapace x 2

Programs (11)

Datasucker x 3 (3 inf)
Faerie x 2
Corroder x 2 (4 inf)
Femme Fatale x 1
Yog.0 x 1 (1 inf)
Mimic x 1 (1 inf)
Crypsis x 1

Resources (3)

Professional Contacts x 1 (2 inf)
Kati Jones x 1
John Masanori x 1


Everyone who got into the top 4 received one of the beautiful Wotan playmats going around, with 1st and 2nd each receiving a custom deckbox, and the 1st place winner getting not only a plaque denoting their victory, but also a guaranteed Round 1 bye at a Regionals tournament of their choice. And finally, everyone who participated got at least one alternate art Kati Jones. It was a great start to the championship season but there’s still more to come! Congratulations to everyone who came to the tournaments, and if you’re around Melbourne and looking to join in on one, there’s still Tezza’s Game Store to go – I’ll see you there!

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