Big Legacy event at Good Games: Brisbane


Salutations, friends! It’s the month of January which means there is a spring in every gamer’s step as the allure of new games and new events conjure fantasies of gaming nirvana in 2014. The New Year kicked off with a bang at Good Games: Brisbane with a bumper Magic: the Gathering Legacy event hosted at Cassie and Cory’s tricked out new Spring Hill venue on Sunday the 5th January. Up for grabs in first place was an ultra-rare FNM foil Swords to Plowshares. Second place wasn’t too shabby either with a foiled up Kozilek, Butcher of Truth giving competitors plenty of incentive to bring their ‘A’ games (and decks). 25 seasoned veterans showed up for the event and when the dust had settled, Pointy-Eared Powerhouse, Brendan Watson, emerged victorious with his beloved Elf combo deck. Second place went to The Authority on Ad Nauseam, Jack Walton. Congrats to the winners! Thanks to David Brotchie for grabbing the winning decklists which can be found here.

The Top 8

  1. Brendan Watson (Elves)
  2. Jack Walton (Ad Nauseam Tendrils)
  3. Tod Thomson (Hexproof Bant)
  4. David Brotchie (Ooze Combo)
  5. Ari Fuller (Reanimator)
  6. Nathan Wintle (Death & Taxes)
  7. Beau Evans (Imperial Painter)
  8. Levi Hinz (Esper Stoneblade)

Good Games and the Legacy community are hoping to further grow the local Eternal scene by hosting a follow-up Legacy event on February the 9th. Details can be found here. In addition, Nick Chmielewski is giving Vintage (the granddaddy of all Magic formats) a shot in the arm by organising a series of events starting on February 1st. Also coming up is Grand Prix: Melbourne on the last weekend of February. As usual there will be a smorgasbord of tantalising Legacy and Vintage events available for Aussie enthusiasts. There has never been a better time to get into the ‘venerable cardboard’ scene!

Former Brisbane ace turned UK resident and the brains behind Paper-Gamer, Levi Hinz, made an appearance at the GG Legacy event and I managed to grill him on some hot-button topics.

What has been your best Magic result since you moved abroad?

I managed to win a Pro Tour Qualifier for Pro Tour: Dublin last year. I made day 2 at that event!

Is it more difficult to do well at Magic events in the UK than it is in Oz?

Yes. The biggest obstacle is the sheer number of people that attend events there. There are also a greater number of skilled players in the UK in my opinion.

What is your opinion on the latest bogeyman in Legacy: True-Name Nemesis?

Haha. It’s annoying that I have to buy a playset… It’s also painful when decks have to run such narrow, niche hate cards like Holy Light.

So are you missing Brisvegas?

I miss family and friends the most. The mild winters are much more comfortable here than what I have to endure in England. Also, surprisingly, FNMs are much better organised here!

Which ice-cream flavour is at the top of the meta-game right now?

Well I haven’t played the format in ages since I discovered I’m lactose intolerant. Soy is tops!


Levi Hinz has been tearing up Magic events in England



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