Behind bars


Board games are great because they can be about anything including, in this case, being in Prison, with a great example of this being The Oleg Story: Survival.

London based games studio Latest Pursuit has been developing The Oleg Story: Survival for the last few years, and has now put up a Kickstarter page to get that final push on funding so they can get their game out, especially to some international markets. I also like that Latest Pursuit is participating in Kicking it Forward, an idea that I hadn’t heard of before but a very good concept that helps others.

Onto the game itself now. The Oleg Story: Survival is a game for 2 – 6 players where you take on a role of one of six prison factions with the purpose of keeping that faction alive. Each faction will have 4 unique miniatures each, totaling 24 miniatures in total, which I like. Having proper miniatures rather than basic plastic or wooden markers like cheaper games makes a game a lot more attractive to play by adding to that overall aesthetic. The rest of it looks good too, nice artwork on the board. Of course, some of the artwork and pieces are not finished right now, but I think it should be good.

The game involves cards and dice which you will use to move your pieces around the board, get missions, weapons and trade-able items. The task is to stay alive, but how you achieve that is up to you. It is both a competitive and cooperative game where you could make alliances with your opponents and then betray them, or just deceive or antagonize them right from the start. Each turn  is about 10 – 20 mins, and the whole game is about 2 hours. Each turn represents an hour in game time, since that is all the free time the inmates get in this prison per day. Each turn means a new day, so over all, the game could progress through several months of game time. There is even an official app that can be used to measure the turns, but it isn’t required, just helpful.

The box contents is quite massive, including a dvd of the story, that’s a new thing for me, a full story for a board game. Lots of minis, cards, dice and heaps of extras.

The Kickstarter has several options up for support, from just a simple donation, all the way up to having a miniature made out of you. I like the level that gives you 5 games for the price of three, I find it amusing for some reason.

Link time now.

The Oleg Story: Survival Kickstarter – Also has a link to the current Guidebook with gives more a in-depth look at the rules.
Latest Pursuit Facebook Page

I look forward to seeing what comes of this game, and to give it a go. Should be very interesting.

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