ATGN- Pokemon City Championships, X&Y Pre-releases and Poké round-up

Hey guys, welcome to Australian Tabletop Gaming News’ Pokemon round-up for the month of January! I’m Bodhi and now that the Pokemon season is in full swing we’ve got lots to talk about and lots to plan for in the next few weeks.

To start off with, over the last few weeks I was lucky enough to participate in the Brisbane City Championships (12/1/14) and the Sydney City Championships (19/1/14) where I placed 5th in Brisbane and 2nd in Sydney.  These were two fantastic events, with lots of fantastic people and players that I had not seen for six to eight months.

The Brisbane City Championships was held in Good Games Spring Hill and we had a total of 38 players in the event with 32 in the Masters Division. That means we had a five round event with a top cut of eight players.  I ended up 2nd after the Swiss rounds, with a record of 3 wins, 0 losses and 2 ties, which meant I would be playing the 7th seed in Top 8.  I, unfortunately, lost in a close three game series to a new friend Charlie and ended the day at 5th place and earning 20 championship points towards a World-Championship invite.

The Sydney City Championships were an absolute blast!  Starting my day at six in the morning and ending at about 11pm ( just at the event) was intense.  We had about the same number of Masters in Sydney, however, there was a huge increase in Junior and Senior participants, meaning the event was close to 50 players.  I played against many fantastic players on the day, meeting new friends and even being matched-up against my Queensland counterparts in the middle rounds.  A big congratulations to the four Queensland players (myself included) who made it into the top 8 of the City Champs! Zoe Sutherland, Matt Thompson & Jason Zhe.  Matt and Zoe both played very well to make it to top four but unfortunately Jason was paired against Zoe and lost in top 8.  I was then paired against Zoe in the top four match and I was able to overcome the weakness of my match-up and make it through to the finals.

The finals are kind of a blur to me, it was close to 11pm and having been awake for 16-17 hours at this point I was struggling to concentrate on the games! The match went to a third game, where I unfortunately lost a close game and was very impressed with my friend Shanan’s performance.


Pokemon Cities – Sydney


Since this is Pokemon news as much as anything else, it is definitely a pretty good time to start talking about the newest Pokemon TCG set X&Y!  With over 130+ cards already revealed after pre-releases all over America last weekend, Australians are gearing up for their very own X&Y cards to hit their shores this coming week!  The inclusion of Fairy typing to the Pokemon TCG will surely shake up the Meta-Game in one way or another, showing that a little change for the game is always going to bring about creativity and new ideas for the meta!

TrevenantPersonally, if I had to choose my favourite card from the set it would be Trevenant!  This card has a similar effect to that of an already existing card Gothitelle, however it has an advantage over the stage two Gothitelle, being a stage one with a rather strong attack.  The word Item-lock has been coined for this strategy over the years, preventing your opponent from using what is sometimes 45% of their deck in items. This is a strategy I have played over the years and really look forward to testing it out once again in the coming weeks!

This link takes you to a Calender for Australia wide events that can hopefully keep you up to date with all of the Pokemon action taking place this season!

As always guys, thankyou very much for reading and I hope to see you all soon!

~ Bodhi (b0ds/boolie) Cutler

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