ATGN is heading to PAX Australia (Oct 31 – Nov 2)


It’s the biggest gaming exhibition in Australia, with tens of thousands of people attending last year, PAX Australia is back this year with a bigger venue and more gaming goodness.


For those unfamiliar with PAX, it’s short for ‘Penny Arcade Exhibition’ and started as a small exhibition in Washington in 2004.  The original folks from the Penny Arcade website (famous for their webcomics) wanted to create an exhibition that was tailored specifically to all facets of gaming, that being digital and tabletop.  Each year the attendance at the PAX Expo double seeing enormous turnouts in Boston and Seattle.  In 2013 the team cast their eyes to the horizon and hosted the first PAX Aus in Melbourne.  It was such a huge success that the Melbourne Showgrounds were stuffed to the brim and waiting times and cues where lengthy.

This year the event has been moved to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre and is without a doubt going to be the biggest gaming exhibition Australia has ever seen.  They have rooms for console gaming, PC gaming, handheld gaming, tabletop gaming, an exhibitors hall, musical concerts, celebrity panels and much more.  If you’re interested in attending, but haven’t secured tickets yet, there where a few three day passes and Friday passes remaining at the time this article was written.


PAX AUS 2013. Photo courtesy of the PAX AUS Facebook Group.

For those of you who are going there is a bunch of super useful information on the PAX Australia website you should be aware of.  Firstly, head over here and download the event map and perhaps even print out a copy. Secondly, take a look at the event schedule here and work out what events you really want to participate in and when they are on.  For those traveling interstate or internationally you’ll definitely want to ensure you’ve booked some accommodation.  From my own personal experiences Melbourne has a excellent rail system so don’t be afraid to book a cheaper room outside of the city, just so long as it’s fairly close to a train station.  For you hip, techno people PAX even has a digital guidebook for your mobile phone!  Follow the link from their website or go directly here.

Australian Tabletop Gaming Network is sending FIVE contributors to PAX this year.  We will be posting live images, video, audio and text updates to our Facebook Page over the three days.  So if you where unable to attend the big event this year make sure you stay tuned to our Facebook updates.  If you are going, keep an eye out for the ATGN team, they should stand out with their fancy ATGN T-Shirts.  Don’t be afraid to say hello!

Oh, and at this stage it looks like showers over the weekend, not that it will matter much once you are inside, but you might want to pack an umbrella and keep an eye on the Bureau of Meteorology website here.

~ Toby

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