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occ14-logo-445x165Fans of ‘pop-culture’ rejoice as the season of exhibitions and fanciful events is almost upon us.  Dust off the manga, stitch up the cosplay outfit, put on the vulcan ears and get ready for large throngs of fans, huge halls filled to the brim with exhibitors and stages chock full with more stars than you can poke a stick at.

Even for those of us with more of a focus on tabletop gaming than pop-culture can get a lot from these events, don’t think for just one minute that it’s all about sweaty Sailor Moon outfits and Klingons.  Invariably these exhibitions also include plenty for the discerning tabletop gamer and Oz Comic Con is just such an exhibition, with its Brisbane event specifically dedicating a portion of the hall to tabletop gaming.

Oz Comic Con has been around for a number of years now, with each year seeing more and more Australians attend in mass.  This year Australian Tabletop Gaming Network has been invited to attend both the Sydney and Brisbane events, and I can tell you that the buzz here in the office is one of excitement.

Saturday September 6th and Sunday September 7th sees the Brisbane event take place at the ‘Brisbane Convention  & Exhibition Centre’ while those in Sydney should be keeping an eye on the following weekend, Saturday September 13th and Sunday September 14th at the ‘Sydney Exhibition Centre at Glebe Island’.

occ-exhibitors-680x210We will have our people on the ground at both events and hope to bring you live images and information as it comes to hand over the weekends via our Facebook Page followed by a complete wrap up of each event in article form shortly after the events take place.

As mentioned, Brisbane is to be blessed with a dedicated tabletop gaming area run by local group ‘The Four D4‘ who have enjoyed great success in the Sunshine State with regular tabletop evenings in Fortitude Valley and an ongoing web series.  The group have a great deal of experience in running tabletop gaming and we’ll be sure to get in the middle of it while attending the Brisbane event.

These exhibitions are usually a great opportunity to do some shopping and snap up some great loot at low prices.  The halls will be chock full of exhibitors vending their wares so make sure you bring plenty of cash.  I personally managed to pickup some board games I’d had my eye on for a while at the last expo at exceptionally good prices.  Bargains can be had, deals can be made.

While a full list of exhibitors isn’t currently attainable, it’s safe to say that many local gaming stores will have stalls at these events.  I’ve also received official word that Wizards of the Coast will be attending both events, which is great news!  Typically at these events WotC host a learn to play section and I’m sure they’ll be offering to teach a bunch of folks how to play the game with the new M15 Core Set.  Fingers crossed they offer up something more for experienced players as well.

What is available in detail though is the celebrity line up, which includes William Shatner, Jason Mamoa, Chris Judge and many more.  Nothing wrong with getting your Game of Thrones boxset signed by Mamoa in between rolls of the dice.

Tickets are $30 for a single day or $50 for the weekend if booked online at Showclix or $35 and $55 at the door respectively.  Children are about half price, although as a special offer you can grab a FREE children’s ticket with the purchase of any adult ticket.

Full details of the event can be found on the Oz Comic-Con website here and the Facebook page here.

Keep an eye out for us at both events, you should recognise us by our ATGN Press Lanyards.  Don’t be afraid to say hello.

~ Toby

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