Android: Netrunner Store Championship Tournament Report – Good Games Brisbane

Good Games Brisbane’s Android: Netrunner Store Championship was held last Saturday (March 5th 2016). The 14 player turn out was a modest one compared to the two Store Championships that came before, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of those competing. With four rounds and top four cut ahead, we hunkered down for a long day. Before we get into the rounds, first lets look at some pretty charts.

This is the breakdown of the decks that were brought.

chart (1)


As you can see, NBN and Jinteki were the most prolific with each faction being represented by five players a piece. Four out of the five NBN players brought the fast and furious ‘Near-Earth Hub‘, with one players giving the new ‘Spark Agency‘ a try. Jinteki was more evenly spread out however, with two players bringing the king of net damage ‘Personal Evolution‘ and the rest giving other IDs a go. All three HB players showed up sporting ‘Engineering the Future‘, like teenage best friends coordinating their senior prom dresses. A lonely ‘Titan Transnational‘ represented Weyland Corporation, likely distracted by dropping real estate prices around the Beanstalk.

chart (2)

chart (3)

On the Runner side, Anarch overwhelmingly dominated the field (*cough* Faust *cough*) with seven anti-establishmentarians looking to paint the town red. Three of them brought the mighty ‘Whizzard‘ and two opted for the punkish charms of ‘MaxX‘. ‘Noise‘ and ‘Valencia‘ rounded out the Anarch mob. Four people brought their criminal contacts with two ‘Leela‘, a ‘Armand‘ and a ‘Tenma‘ representing the shady masses. Two shapers brought out their ‘Kate‘ decks and one lone unaffiliated ‘Sunny‘ rounded out the numbers. Now I thought about making a pie chart of how many decks ran Faust but I think we can safely assume that graph is close to a mono-coloured circle.  Whinging about meta aside, let’s get down to the Swiss rounds.

Round 1

Alex v Joshua C  2:2

HB: ETF v Whizzard 0:2 (6:7 Agenda Win)

Whizzard v HB: ETF 2:0 (7:4 Agenda Win)

Andru v Matt 0:4

Kate v HB: ETF 0:2 (5:7 Agenda Win)

Jinteki: PE v Kate 0:2 (6:7 Agenda Win)

Blake v Josh P 4:0

NBN: NEH v Sunny Lebeau 2:0 (7:4 Agenda Win)

MaXX v NBN: Spark Agency 2:0 (7:3 Agenda Win)

Stu v Lin 2:1

Weyland: Titan v Leela 2:0 (7:6 Agenda Win)

Leela v NBN: NEH 0:1 (1:2 Timed Win)

Dutch v Chris 2:2

NBN: NEH v Whizzard 2:0 (Flatline)

Noise v NBN: NEH 0:2 (Flatline)

Sam v Oliver 2:2

Jinteki: Chronos v MaxX 0:2 (0:7 Agenda Win)

Valancia v Jinteki: IG 2:0 (7:0 Agenda Win)

Sean v Ryan 0:4

Jinteki: PE v Armand 0:2 (6:7 Agenda Win)

Tenma v Jinteki Biotech (Flatline)

Ryan, Blake and Matt quickly pulled ahead of the competition by sweeping their opponents. The rest of the field split their matches. I started my day off by falling flat on my face, losing a tedious 45 minute grind against a Titan Glacier deck 7 to 6. Only managing to snag a timed win from my 10 minutes second game, I finished round one with 1 whole point.

Round 2

Matt v Ryan 4:0

HB: ETF v Armand 2:0 (7:2 Agenda Win)

Kate v Jinteki Biotech 2:0 (7:4 Agenda Win)

Blake v Dutch 2:2

NBN: NEH v Noise 2:0 (7:6 Agenda Win)

MaxX v NBN: NEH 0:2 (Flatline)

Stu v Josh C 2:2

Weyland: Titan v Whizzard 0:2 (0:7 Agenda Win)

Leela v HB: ETF 2:0 (7:4 Agenda Win)

Oliver v Chris 2:2

Jinteki: IG v Whizzard 2:0 (Flatline)

MaxX v NBN: NEH 0:2 (4:7 Agenda Win)

Sam v Alex 0:4

Jinteki: Chronos v Whizzard 0:2 (1:7 Agenda Win)

Valencia v HB: ETF 0:2 (6:7 Agenda Win)

Lin v Andru 2:2

NBN: NEH v Kate 2:0 (Flatline)

Leela v Jinteki: PE 0:2 (Flatline)

Sean v Josh P 0:4

Jinteki: PE v Sunny 0:2 (3:7 Agenda Win)

Tenma v Jinteki: Spark Agency 0:2 (4:7 Agenda Win)

Matt continued his domination by sweeping Ryan and going to 8 points. Blake split with Dutch to go to 6 points and Alex caught up to him by sweeping Sam. Josh P redeemed himself by sweeping Sean.  The rest of us split like modern couples after a first date. Andru and I spent the second round taking turns flatlining each other which brought my total score to 3 points.

Round 3

Matt v Blake 2:2

HB: ETF v MaxX 2:0 (7:2 Agenda Win)

Kate v NBN: NEH 0:2 (3:7 Agenda Win)

Alex v Dutch 4:0

HB: ETF v Noise 2:0 (7:2 Agenda Win)

Whizzard v NBN: NEH 2:0 (7:5 Agenda Win)

Chris v Josh P 4:0

NBN: NEH v Sunny 2:0 (Flatline)

Whizzard v Jinteki: Spark Agency 2:0 (7:2 Agenda Win)

Stu v Oliver 0:3

Weyland: Titan v MaxX 0:1 (0:4 Timed Win)

Leela v Jinteki: IG 0:2 (Flatline)

Ryan v Josh C 0:4

Jinteki Biotech v Whizzard 0:2 (5:7 Agenda Win)

Armand v HB: ETF 0:2 (0:7 Agenda Win)

Lin v Sam 2:2

NBN: NEH v Valencia 2:0 (Flatline)

Leela v Jinteki: Chronos 0:2 (Flatline)

Andru v Sean 4:0

Jinteki: PE v Tenma  2:0 (Flatline)

Kate v Jinteki: PE  2:0 (7:1 Agenda Win)

As we got past the halfway mark the competition ran fierce. Matt and Blake split to get 10 and 8 points total respectively. Alex swept Dutch 4:0 to shoot up to 10 points. Chris and Josh C both caught up to the front runners by sweeping their opponents and gaining a total of 8 points each. Oliver pulled off 3 points against Stu with a timed win against that darn Glacier deck that gave me troubles. I continued my trend of double flatline in my game against Sam, bring me to a dream-killing 5 points total.

Round 4

Alex v Matt 2:1

HB: ETF v Kate 0:1 (0:6 Timed Win)

Whizzard v HB: ETF 2:0 (7:4 Agenda Win)

Blake v Josh C 0:4

NBN: NEH v Whizzard 0:2 (2:7 Agenda Win)

MaxX v HB: ETF 0:2 (2:7 Agenda Win)

Chris V Andru 2:2

NBN: NEH v Kate 2:0 (Flatline)

Whizzard v Jinteki: PE 0:2 (4:7 Agenda Win)

Oliver v Lin 3:0

Jinteki: IG v Leela 2:0 (Flatline)

MaxX v NBN: NEH 1:0 (6:3 Timed Win)

Stu v Josh P 2:2

Weyland: Titan v Sunny 0:2 (4:7 Agenda Win)

Leela v Jinteki: Spark Agency 2:0 (7:2 Agenda Win)

Sam v Ryan 4:0

Jinteki: Chronos v Armand 2:0 (incomplete info)

Valencia v Jinteki Biotech 2:0 (incomplete info)

Dutch v Sean 4:0

NBN: NEH v Tenma 2:0 (7:1 Agenda Win)

Noise v Jinteki: PE 2:0 (7:3 Agenda Win)

In a hectic final round, Alex and Matt fought hard for that top seat. Alex pulled slightly ahead by winning as Whizzard to reach a total of 12 points. Matt trailed close behind at 11 points by pulling off a timed win. Josh C swept Blake to put himself on 12 points. Chris split with Andru to keep the dream alive at 10 points. The rest of us plebeians struggled with futility in games that didn’t matter. I, ever the dog in the manger, killed Oliver’s dreams by giving him a timed win instead of an outright win which put him at 10. Sorry, Oliver!

This is what the standings looked like at the end of swiss rounds.

Alex Marchuck  12
Joshua Corthorne 12
Matt Greene 11
Chris Rhodan 10

Oliver Reid 10
Blake Thompson 8
Andru Rodger 8
Michael Green (Dutch) 8
Sam Gillespie 8
Stu Lauder 6
Josh Parsons 6
Lin Htat 5
Ryan Yates 4
Sean Niikura 0

The finalists’ decks consisted of  3 Whizzard and a Kate, and 3 HB: ETF and a NBN: NEH reflecting common wisdom about where the meta is at the moment.


As top 4 cut began, Alex faced off against Chris, opting to play his ETF against Whizzard which managed to lock him out late game to pull off a victory. On the other table, Josh’s Whizzard made quick work out of Matt’s agenda flooded ETF.

For the loser’s bracket Chris faced off against Matt, wielding his NEH against Kate. It was a hard fought nail-biter of a match but Chris pulled ahead in the end with fast advance shenanigans. In the winner’s bracket, Josh’s ETF managed to successfully lock out Alex’s Whizzard deck to secure the victory.

While Josh took a well earned break, Chris’ NEH faced off against Alex’s Whizzard. Pulling his kill combo early, Chris managed to flatline Alex with Midseason, Traffic and Scorch after Alex stole an early agenda.

So the final began with Chris needing to win two to secure that top spot and Josh sitting happily at top seat. The first game was Chris’ Whizzard against Josh’s ETF. See for yourself how that game went.

With Chris pulling off that big comeback, the finals had to go to that rare second game. With Good Games closing in 10 minutes, we had to make a last minute venue change to Dominoes. Despite the distractions of heavy pedestrian traffic and one particular bystander lady whose mind was blown by what Netrunner is, Chris and Josh managed to play a nail-biter. See how that game went here.

So after a couple of celebratory cries that were a few decibels too loud for human ears,  Josh walked away with his first store championship win and Chris swore to wreak bloody revenge. What he actually said was ‘Good games, well played’ but we all know what he really meant.


Since defeating Samara from “The Ring” and gaining the power of her hair, Josh has been pretty much unbeatable.

The following is the winner’s decklists.

Haas­Bioroid: Engineering the Future (49 cards, 21 agenda pts)
Agenda (9)
3 Accelerated Beta Test
3 Global Food Initiative
3 Project Vitruvius
Asset (8)
3 Adonis Campaign
2 Eve Campaign
3 Jackson Howard
Upgrade (9)
3 Ash 2X3ZB9CY
3 Breaker Bay Grid
1 Caprice Nisei
1 Cyberdex Virus Suite
1 Marcus Batty
Operation (6)
2 Archived Memories
1 Enhanced Login Protocol
3 Hedge Fund
Barrier (4)
1 Heimdall 1.0
3 Markus 1.0
Code Gate (6)
3 Turing
3 Viper
Sentry (7)
2 Architect
3 Ichi 1.0
2 Vikram 1.0

Whizzard: Master Gamer (45 cards)
Event (15)
3 Career Fair
2 Forked
3 I’ve Had Worse
2 Knifed
1 Levy AR Lab Access
1 Spooned
3 Sure Gamble
Hardware (5)
2 Clone Chip
1 Plascrete Carapace
2 Turntable
Resource (12)
2 Adjusted Chronotype
3 Daily Casts
3 Liberated Account
1 Same Old Thing
3 Wyldside
Icebreaker (3)
2 Faust
1 Mimic
Program (10)
2 D4v1d
3 Datasucker
2 Medium
3 Parasite

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