Android: Netrunner – Creation & Control Preview

The next preview of Android: Netrunner’s first Deluxe Expansion pack has been released today on the Fantasy Flight Games website. For those keen LCG players of this game, it’s a great write-up by a guest writer, El-ad David Amir.



I think the best thing to come out of this preview is the cheaper, faction-neutral version of Tollbooth which is Datapike. Although it is weaker in strength by 3 points the rez cost is also halved and still hits the runner for 2 credits to bypass the first subroutine which was previously just a condition on Tollbooth. The runners can now choose to bypass that subroutine altogether through some other means even if they don’t have the credits. Pretty impressive in it’s strengths and flaws.

It’s a good review of what the expansion’s cards, albeit comprising of Haas-Bioroid and Shaper, have to offer for the game’s other factions, both Runner and Corp. You can check out the preview here and the other two previous updates here and here.

Happy reading!

– Kuso 


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