Android: Netrunner 2016 Store Championship Report – Good Games Gold Coast

The 2016 Store Championship Season for LCG’s in Queensland debuted last weekend at Good Games Gold Coast. A turnout of 17 players made it to the event despite the warning from organisers that shipment of the official prize support had been delayed again. This issue has been a nightmare for organisers – some of whom had already rescheduled their events – which could see official prize support arriving as late as two months into the store championship season. This has left organisers exasperated as they originally pinned their hopes on this not happening when Fantasy Flight Games announced their new distribution model. However, the players down under are a resilient bunch and appear to be taking it all in their stride. So far the impact on event turnout seems minimal. (Check out my article about the topic here. – Toby)

As per usual, an interesting mix of identities were brought to the table. On the Corporation side the standout identifications were Haas-Bioroid’s ‘Engineering the Future’ and NBN’s ‘Near Earth Hub’. NBN were highly favoured this time around as nearly half the field were running it.


On the Runner side Anarchs were the order of the day. Over half of the field ran Anarchs, the most popular being Valencia. Criminals and Shapers were equally represented.


With 17 players in attendance, the new tournament rules dictated that the tournament was to have 4 rounds of Swiss with a Top 4 Cut. The new tournament structure seemed to work well in cutting down the fatigue caused by these events, which are usually a mental marathon. The tournament started at 11am and had finished by 8pm. Some store championships in the past have gone for as long as 12 hours, so this was indeed an improvement. Here’s how the event went, round by round:

Round 1

Sam 0 v Marcus 4

Dutch 0 v Matthew 3

Alex 2 v Lin 2

Josh 4 v AJ 0

Andru 2 Daryl 2

Duy 4 v James 0

Stu 2 v Sean 2

Will 2 v Blake 2

Chris 4 Bye

I (Marcus) had an excellent start to the tournament with my unorthodox noise mill deck firing early. My Argus corp performed solidly. Sam put up a good fight, but it wasn’t enough. In a lengthy game, Dutch was overcome by Matt’s excellent form of late. Lin was proud to come away with a split against the notorious Alex, who has crushed many a dream in the past. Josh had trained hard for this event and his hard work paid off against an unfortunate AJ. Andru and Daryl were very unfortunate to have been paired round one. Such heavyweight clashes are meant to be reserved for the later rounds. It was an epic battle and like most epic battles it ended in a split. Duy (pronounced Yee) faced off against James, both of whom were debuting in their first store championships. Duy has been carving players up over at Ace Comic’s Netrunner league while James – being a local boy – was very much an unknown entity. Unfortunately for James, he hit a solid brick wall in his first ever store champs game. Duy defeated James handily, securing a strong start to the tournament for himself. Stu and Sean butted heads and both came away a little sore after a two all split. Blake had to face the unknown against Will who had been a long time member, first time player at this Gold Coast event. It was a tough match but they both came away with two points. Chris started his campaign with an introductory four points.

Round 2

Josh 2 v Duy 2

Chris 2 v Marcus 2

Matt 2 v Blake 2

Will 0 v Daryl 3

Sean 0 v Lin 4

Stu 0 v Andru 4

Alex 0 v Dutch 4

James 2 v AJ 2

Sam 4 Bye

Round two is where players started getting down to business and you could tell that the top end of the field were all evenly matched. Duy’s Runner ran past Josh but his corp couldn’t seal the deal. Duy’s Leela was skilfully disrupting his opponent while Josh’s Whizzard was wreaking destruction. The came away with the split. My experimental runner started to let me down when Chris cornered it into a trap. Both corps performed well however, so we came away with a split. As did Matt and Blake. Runners proved to be the more effective side again. It took a while but Daryl managed to sweep Will 3-0. Lin managed a full sweep against Sean as did Andru over good friend Stu. Dutch, after a round one defeat, decided to go on the war path. He did it in style, taking down Alex 4-0. James took on AJ and came away with a split, remaining unbouyed by his round one routing at the hands of Duy. Sam had an extended lunch break.

Round 3

Josh 3 v Lin 1

Andru 4 v Chris 0

Duy 4 v Marcus 0

Matt 2 v Daryl 2

Blake 2 v Sam 2

Dutch 4 v Stu 0

James 0 v Alex 4

Will 0 v AJ 3

Sean 4 Bye

During the penultimate round, things started to take shape. Josh and Lin had a tough battle that went right down to the wire. Once time was called there was nothing separating the two in their last game so we had the tournament’s first game tie awarded. Andru continued his strong race toward the top cut by sweeping Chris. Duy and I were both in a strong position after round two but it was Duy’s calculating performance that ultimately crushed my experiment, and maintained his spot in the ever shrinking winners circle. Daryl had been facing some of the toughest players in the field and Matt was no exception. The national champion ended up splitting with Matt. Sam and Blake “Thelma and Louised” each other out of top four contention splitting 2-2. Dutch was still on the war path taking names, the next one being Stu. James faced another tough opponent in Alex and despite his courageous effort lost 4-0. AJ went to time against Will but she was still able to best her opponent 3-0. Sean got the bye.

Round 4

Duy 4 v Andru 0

Josh 4 v Dutch 0

Lin 2 v Daryl 2

Matt 4 v Chris 0

Sean 0 v Blake 4

Marcus 0 v Alex 4

Sam 4 v AJ 0

Will 4 v James 0

Stu 4 Bye

Round four was a very volatile round with only one split. Duy came into this tournament mostly as an unknown entity, but those who knew him knew to take him seriously. This round he faced his true litmus test against Andru. Andru has been a top tier player since the very beginning and won a store championship last year. Duy, however, had his number, coming away with a 4-0 sweep and really turning some heads. Dutch’s name taking came to a spectacular grinding halt. It turned out Dutch got “Dutched”, which is a local Brisbane term that has been coined for when one gets very lucky in their accesses. This had Dutch immediately on the back foot and as the rivalry between hi and Josh intensified so too did the game. Unfortunately for Dutch, he was left with nothing to show for it. Lin and Daryl had a tough battle resulting in the only split in the round. Matt swept Chris, Blake swept Sean, Alex trounced me and Sam downed AJ. James had had a tough tournament and he too was swept in the last round, but the players had all told him that he should be proud of his effort and he’ll come to the next tournament more prepared. Stu earnt himself an early mark.

This left us with final Swiss standings:

  1. Duy 14
  2. Josh 13
  3. Matt 11
  4. Andru 10 (SoS: 2.19)
  5. Blake 10 (2.06)
  6. Sam 10 (1.75)
  7. Alex 10 (1.56)
  8. Lin 9 (2.38)
  9. Daryl 9 (2.25)
  10. Dutch 8
  11. Marcus 6 (2.5)
  12. Chris 6 (2.25)
  13. Sean 6 (2.08)
  14. Stu 6 (2)
  15. Will 6 (1.62)
  16. AJ 5
  17. James 2

So how did each deck type fare?


The numbers in parentheses represent how many games each ID played in the tournament. It’s a fair call to say that HB’s Engineering the Future was the most dominant deck in this Store Champs meta. All four players that made the top 4 cut were using it. Another strong option was Argus Security. NBN was the most popular choice for identity but at best NBN was only 50% effective.


Whilst a 100% win rate is certainly nothing to sneeze at, having only been used in 4 games makes it hard to call as the most dominant deck strategy. Leela had one more win but twice as many games. Valencia had the most wins but with a win rate of 43% she was hardly reliable. Two out of the three players that ran Kate made it to the top four cut so you could almost say that she was the most reliable.


A commonly held belief is that Runners have the advantage at the moment and that Corps just can’t hold them out but the stats for this tournament didn’t bare that out. Corps won 8% more games than Runners but it just goes to show how each side can still take the game.


Just as a fun point of comparison, here’s a pie graph comparing wins by type. Its a rare sight to see but I achieved my goal of breaking the competitive play drought of scoring a win by milling. Otherwise, Runners were blown out of their apartment buildings about a quarter of the time yet the Corps still manage to get away with it.

So now we are down to the top 4 cut. Duy, Josh, Matt and Andru made the cut, the latter based on strength of schedule. All four players were running Engineering the Future for their corp, Duy was running Leela as a Runner, Matt and Andru were running Kate and Josh was running Whizzard.

Double Elimination Round (DER) 1:

First round saw 1st seed Duy having a rematch against 4th seed Andru. Want to know how it went? Here’s the video, your commentators are Alex Marchuk and Duy Dinh:

In the other match up, Josh using ETF faced off against Matt using Kate. The fatigue was starting to set in by now and mistakes were being made. Some crucial ones on Josh’s part led to his plunge to the lower bracket.

DER 2:

Next up, Duy as ETF faced off against Matthew as Kate in the winner’s bracket. After around 20 minutes of play Duy secured his first ever finals berth in his first ever tournament!

Down in the loser’s bracket, Andru as Kate faced Josh’s ETF. This was a tough battle that nearly went the full 40 minutes. But in the end Josh triumphed, knocking out his distinguished opponent. Andru, after yet again making the top cut, finished 4th.

DER 3:

Duy had earnt himself a well deserved break, so it was left to Josh as ETF and Matt as Kate to battle it out. Josh had had a fantastic tournament but it was time for him to bow out. Matt’s Kate build proved too strong on the night and he found himself a spot in the Grand Final. Josh finished 3rd.

DER 4:

So now we are left with the Grand Final. Once again we have video evidence that it definitely happened, and here it is. Duy as Leela vs Matt as ETF, your commentators are Alex Marchuk and Duy Dinh:

So a massive congratulations to Duy for earning a maiden victory at the first store championship of the 2016 Queensland season. Here’s what our two finalists were running:

Matt’s Runner:

ID: Kate “Mac” McCaffrey

3x Diesel

3x Modded

3x Sure Gamble

1x Test Run

2x Quality Time

1x Trade-In

3x Rabbit Hole

2x Plascrete Carapace

1x HQ Interface

1x Clone Chip

2x Security Nexus

2x Sacrificial Construct

2x Earthrise Hotel

1x Film Critic

1x Mimic

1x ZU.13 Key Master

1x Snowball

1x Deus X

1x Atman

1x Cyber-Cypher

1x Cerberus “Lady” H1

1x GS Shrike M2

3x Magnum Opus

3x Self-Modifying Code

1x Clot

Influence 13/15 – 2 (MWL)

Cards 45/45 min


Matt’s Corp:

ID: Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future

3x Accelerated Beta Test

3x Project Vitruvius

1x Efficiency Committee

2x Global Food Initiative

3x Adonis Campaign

2x Eve Campaign

3x Jackson Howard

2x Executive Boot Camp

1x Ash 2x3zb9cy

1x Crisium Grid

1x Cyberdex Virus Suite

2x Breaker Bay Grid

2x Marcus Batty

3x Hedge Fund

1x Restructure

1x Reclamation Order

1x Enhanced Login Protocol

2x Wall of Static

3x NEXT Silver

3x NEXT Bronze

2x Turing

2x Ichi 1.0

1x Rototurret

1x Architect

2x NEXT Gold

1x Mother Goddess

Influence: 14/15 -1 (MWL)

Agenda Points: 20/20-21

Cards: 49/45 min


Duy’s Runner:

ID: Leela Patel

3x Desperado

1x Peacock

1x passport

1x Mimic

1x Ninja

1x Femme Fatale

3x Faerie

2x Corroder

2x Symmetrical Visage

2x Kati Jones

2x Security Testing

1x Data Dealer

3x Daily Casts

3x Bank Job

3x R&D Interface

3x Sure Gamble

2x Special Order

2x Legwork

2x Inside Job

1x Emergency Shutdown

3x Dirty Laundry

3x Account Siphon

1x Utopia Shard

1x Plascrete Carapace

Influence 12/15 -3 (MWL)

Cards: 47/45 min


Duy’s Corp:

ID: Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future

3x Accelerated Beta Test

3x Project Vitruvius

2x Chronos Project

2x Global Food Initiative

3x Adonis Campaign

2x Eve Campaign

3x Hedge Fund

2x Melange Mining Corp

3x Breaker Bay Grid

3x Ash 2x3zb9cy

2x Corporate Troubleshooter

1x Crisium Grid

1x Cyberdex Virus Suite

3x Jackson Howard

3x NEXT Silver

1x Heimdall 2.0

3x NEXT Bronze

3x Turing

1x Crick

1x Susanoo-No-Mikoto

2x Architect

2x NEXT Gold

Influence: 12/15 -2 (MWL)

Agenda Points: 20/20-21

Cards: 49/45 min

It’s worth noting here that the NAPD Most Wanted list has done an excellent job at not rendering the cards that are on it completely useless.

Well, that’s it for this tournament report. Stay tuned to ATGN for more coverage of the 2016 Store Championship Season. We have plenty of events coming up:


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