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Ace Comics and Games LCG Store Championship Weekend concluded on Sunday with Android: Netrunner. All indications were promising that this event was going to be a cracker and we weren’t disappointed. 20 players made it to the event this time, eclipsing the last event by 3 players. An even number meant that no time was wasted by having to assign a bye. Marcus and Josh C were the head tournament organiser and tournament organiser respectively. 20 players meant that the event was to have 4 rounds of Swiss with a top 4 cut.


What was brought to the table?


On the Corp side, NBN once again was the order of the day but due to the success of Haas Bioroid last tournament, it has had a sudden surge in popularity. 8 players ran an NBN build, 7 players ran HB, 3 players tried Jinteki and 2 players bucked the trend with Weyland.


On the Runners side we also saw two dominant sides in Anarchs and Shapers with 8 and 7 players running them respectively. 4 players also ran criminal builds and 1 player tried their hand at a Neutral ID. Each of the three factions had a champion however, with 3 players running Leela, 4 players running Noise and 3 players running Chaos Theory.

Round by Round Breakdown

Round 1

Stu 1 v Blake 2

Duy 4 v Marcus 0

Alex 2 v Dutch 2

AJ 4 v Lachlan 0

Sam 4 v Josh P 0

Josh C 4 v Sean 0

Jackson 0 v Andru 4

Ryan 2 v Oliver 2

Lin 4 v Chris 0

Matt 2 v Daryl 2

Stu and Blake had an intense battle that turned out to be quite a long grind. Their result was the first timed result of the tournament. Blake claimed the first side however, so he came away with the 2 points and Stu who was leading after time held onto the 1 pointer by the end of the game. Marcus was up against it right from the get go, facing off against Store Champion Duy. Marcus not only suffered against tremendous skill but also against horrible luck to be utterly thrashed 4-0. Alex vs Dutch was also a big ticket game that resulted in a split. AJ brought her A-Game to the table securing a strong 4-0 sweep over Lachlan. Sam opened up his campaign equally strong, sweeping Josh P. With the new tournament rules doing away with the need to avoid pairing travelling groups together in round one, we saw couple Josh C and Sean paired up round 1. Sean put up a fight but she was also swept 4-0. Jackson had an uphill battle that proved too steep against Andru. Ryan and Oliver proved to be a close match and they came away with a round 1 split. Lin overcame Chris 4-0. Matt and Daryl’s game could have easily been a final in other circumstances but their round 1 pairing saw them split 2-2 after a mutual flatlining.

Round 2

Lin 2 v Josh C 2

Sam 2 v Andru 2

Duy 2 v AJ 2

Blake 4 v Alex 0

Ryan o v Daryl 4

Oliver 2 v Dutch 2

Matt 2 v Sean 2

Marcus 0 v Stu 4

Josh P 0 v Jackson 4

Chris 4 v Lachlan 0

Round 2 was the most explosive round of the tournament with no fewer than 9 runners being flatlined. Training buddies Lin and Josh C duked it out and after Josh C managed a corp win, Lin got his revenge by blowing up his runner. Sam and Andru was a cracker of a game that also ended in a corp split. AJ had her first big test up against store champion Duy and she held her own, coming away with a corp split. Blake dominated Alex 4-0 as did Daryl against Ryan. Dutch flipped the switch on Alex’s runner last round and did it again to Oliver, but Oliver had a switch of his own and also blew up Dutch’s runner in return. They weren’t the only ones either, Matt and Sean blew up each other’s runners as well. Marcus’ run of bad luck continued as he was swept convincingly by Stu. Jackson defeated Josh P 4-0 as did Chris over Lachlan. Over lunch, the 3 players on 0 points all joked that they were the cool players, the rebels sitting at the back of the bus and the winners were the real losers.

Round 3

Blake 2 v Sam 2

Lin 2 v AJ 2

Andru 2 v Daryl 2

Josh C 4 v Duy 0

Chris 4 v Stu 0

Oliver 2 v Matt 2

Dutch 4 v Jackson 0

Alex 4 v Sean 0

Ryan 4 v Josh P 0

Lachlan 2 v Marcus 2

Round 3 saw the Corps cease playing their deadly came of rearranging real estate and go back to playing Netrunner (only 2 players flatlined this round). Blake and Sam had an epic clash that came away in a draw, as did Lin and AJ and Andru and Daryl. The latter was significant because it was the first Runner split of the tournament. Josh C managed to do something that no one had been able to do: sweep Duy in a Store Championship match. Chris didn’t get the memo and flatlined Stu on the way to his 4-0 victory. Oliver and Matt butted heads and split, not their heads of course just the match. Dutch rolled Jackson 4-0 and Alex defeated Sean 4-0 also. Ryan showed no mercy against Josh P trouncing him 4-0. Marcus and Lachlan were faced with the prospect that one of them may not be in the super cool 0-point group. To both of their surprise they split and now they both had two ugly points to their names.

Round 4

Josh C 0 v Daryl 4

Blake 2 v AJ 2

Chris 0 v Sam 4

Andru 3 v Dutch 1

Lin 4 v Oliver 0

Alex 2 v Duy 2

Matt 2 v Ryan 2

Stu 4 v Jackson 0

Lachlan 2 v Sean 2

Marcus 4 v Josh P 0

What a round round 4 turned out to be! So much craziness ensued! Josh C was up against Daryl and he had some high hopes. He was tournament leader up to this point and just needed two points or more to have a fair crack at the top 4 cut. But Daryl had other ideas, other very brutal ideas. Not only did his corp flatline Josh C, his runner also milled Josh C’s corp! This match sees a mill result occurring in two consecutive tournaments in Queensland. This match unfortunately sent Josh C plummeting out of the top 4. Blake and AJ had a corp split. Sam swept Chris, promoting himself into the top 4. Andru and Dutch’s game was next and it was steeped in controversy. This game was a long, hard grind and every decision carried weight. Andru had won the first half and was trailing by 2 AP in the second half. He clicked for 2 credits the very moment time was called for the round. This meant that head TO Marcus had a 50/50 call to make. He decided to let Dutch and Andru have one more turn each. This gave Andru the opportunity to score out a 2 point agenda and tie the game 3-1. This promoted Andru to outright 4th securing him a top 4 berth and keeping out Blake who was next in line on strength of schedule. Players were unhappy but Blake took the news graciously showing excellent sportsmanship. Lin downed Oliver completing the top 4 puzzle. Alex split with Duy, as did Matt and Ryan. Stu, not to be outdone by Daryl also flatlined and milled his opponent Jackson. This is an unprecedented number of mill results in a tournament in Brisbane. Lachlan split with Sean, while Josh P maintained his overwhelming coolness by being the only player on 0 points when he was swept by Marcus.

Now its time for some juicy statistics. Lets start with which side enjoyed the most wins.


Make no mistake, this was a tournament dominated by corporations. Runners had a hard time keeping them in check as corps won at a rate of more than 2-1. So which Corps were the best at it?


Sam’s Haarpsichord Studios build sits at the top of the list but since he was the only one piloting such a deck it’s hard to make the call that it was the strongest deck. Near Earth Hub had 4 different pilots and still scored an over 80% win rate. That makes NEH quite a compelling candidate for the title. Thats not to say that anything else was a bad option. ETF had 5 pilots and won 70% of the time and Argus with 2 players piloting it managed 75%.


It was a tough day at the office (or what was left of it after being scorched) but as we can see, despite being the most used runner, Noise fared really well on 44%. Whizzard had the best percentage score on 50% and with 2 pilots having equal luck with it. It’s certainly a consistent result.


This graph shows how each game was won and that significant slice of pie at the bottom shows that runners certainly aren’t safe from a good flatlining and despite a number of protective measures players can employ they are still coming under fire. It’s also great to see that sliver of orange there representing milling results. I would love to see it become more prevalent in the game so that the corp has as many ways of dying to worry about as the runners do.

One more bonus stat I’d like to cover is average scores per ID. This was a huge effort to calculate but what it shows is how consistent each ID was. Using 7 points for a win and AP scored or stolen for a loss I have tallied up an average score for each ID and it’s as follows:


Haarpsichord Studios earns a perfect score because Sam went unbeaten as corp in swiss. the next two most consistent were Jinteki Biotech (which also had 1 pilot), and Argus Security (which had 2). Averaging over 6 on this scale is incredibly impressive. It means that even though it lost it darn near won each time. Anything over 4.5 is effective and anything below that is too inconsistent.


Due to the Corp’s dominance in the tournament we aren’t seeing too many scores over 5 which is why Whizzard stands out here with nearly 6. Whizzard had 2 pilots as well so that makes this statistic even more impressive. This speaks volumes towards Whizzard being an effective metatech.

Final Standings.

So, at the conclusion of Swiss the leader board looked like this:

  1. Daryl 12 (37)
  2. Lin 12 (34)
  3. Sam 12 (29)
  4. Andru 11
———Top 4 Cut———
  1. Blake 10 (39)
  2. Josh C 10 (36)
  3. AJ 10 (34)
  4. Dutch 9 (29)
  5. Stu 9 (28)
  6. Chris 8 (37)
  7. Duy 8 (34)
  8. Alex 8 (31)
  9. Matt 8 (30)
  10. Ryan 8 (30)
  11. Oliver 6 (37)
  12. Marcus 6 (21)
  13. Sean 4 (30)
  14. Jackson 4 (29)
  15. Lachlan 4 (28)
  16. Josh P (0)

The Top 4 Cut

Double Elimination Round (DER) 1:

Daryl (Noise) def Andru (HB: Engineering the Future)

Lin (Leela Patel) def Sam (Haarpsichord Studios)

Higher seeded players Daryl and Lin got to choose which side to play as in the double elimination rounds and that advantage paid off for both of them as they sent their opponents to the lower brackets.


Lin (Near Earth Hub) def Daryl (Noise)

Andru (Kate “Mac” McCaffrey) def Sam (Haarpsichord Studios)

Lin managed a timely win to secure pole position for himself leading into the final. Sam’s Corp had been so consistent for him all throughout Swiss but when it came to the finals it seemed to lose its sting. Suffering two defeats in a row was enough to send Sam home in 4th place and offer Andru a second chance to make the final. The game between Lin and Daryl is on film –


Daryl (Argus Securty) def Andru (Kate “Mac” McCaffrey)

Lin had a well earned mental break for this round so it was down to Daryl and Andru to duke it out. Andru was up against it and gave it a fair crack but Daryl was able to manoeuvre himself into position to flatline him. Andru bowed out finishing 3rd. This game is also on film –

Grand Final

Very rarely is a final a game of two halves but this one was. Lin fought hard but 2015 National Champion Daryl was never going to give up easily. It’s all been captured on video for your enjoyment.

So a massive congratulations goes to Daryl for winning his first ever Store Championship, despite the fact that he has already been a National Champion.

Finalist’s Deck Lists:

Lin’s Runner:

Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist
1x Demolition Run **
3x Account Siphon
2x Inside Job
3x Special Order
2x Sure Gamble
2x Emergency Shutdown
1x Levy AR Lab Access ***
2x Employee Strike * *
2x Plascrete Carapace
2x HQ Interface
2x R&D Interface ** **
2x Logos
1x Data Dealer
3x Armitage Codebusting
2x Kati Jones
2x New Angeles City Hall
3x Same Old Thing
3x Earthrise Hotel
2x Drug Dealer
1x Mongoose
1x Breach
1x Cerberus “Rex” H2
2x Faust ** **
Influence: 15/15
Cards: 45/45
Cards up to Kala Ghoda
Lin’s Corp:
Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center
3x Astroscript Pilot Program (2)(2)(2)^^^
3x Breaking News (1)(1)(1)
3x Project Beale (2)(2)(2)
2x Explode-a-Palooza (2)(2)
1x 15 Minutes (1)
2x Mumba Temple
2x PAD Campaign
3x Jackson Howard
2x Daily Business Show
3x SanSan City Grid ^^^
1x Cyberdex Virus Suite
2x Scorched Earth **** ****
3x Hedge Fund
3x Sweeps Week
2x Traffic Accident * *
2x 24/7 News Cycle
2x Wraparound
Code Gates:
1x Enigma
2x Pop-Up Window
1x Archangel
3x Data Raven
1x Swordsman *
2x Gutenberg
Influence: 11/17-6 (NAPD Most Wanted List)
Adenda Points: 20/20-21
Cards 49/45 minimum
Cards up to Kala Ghoda
Daryl’s Runner:
Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire
3x Deja Vu
3x Fisk Investment Seminar ** ** **
2x Archives Interface
2x Turntable
2x Adjusted Chronotype
3x Aesop’s Pawnshop ** ** **
3x Street Peddler
3x Wildside
2x Faust
1x Mimic
3x Cache * * *
3x Clot
2x D4v1d
3x Datasucker
3x Imp
3x Ixodidae
3x Lamprey
1x Medium
1x Nerve Agent
2x Trope
Influence: 15/15
Cards: 48/45 Minimum
Cards up to Universe of Tomorrow
Daryl’s Corp:
Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed
2x Chronos Project (1)(1)
3x Hostile Takeover (1)(1)(1)
2x Oaktown Renovation (2)(2)
3x Profiteering (1)(1)(1)
3x Project Atlas (2)(2)(2)
2x The Future is Now (1)(1)
1x Corporate Town
3x Jackson Howard * * *
2x News Team ** **
1x Shattered Remains
2x Snare! ** **
1x Crisium Grid
3x Hedge Fund
2x Power Shutdown
2x Restructure
3x Scorched Earth
2x SEA Source ** **
2x Spiderweb
Code Gates:
2x Enigma
3x Archer
2x Errand Boy
1x Taurus
2x Chimera
Influence: 15/15
Agenda Points: 20/20-21
Cards: 49/45 Minimum
Cards up to Data and Destiny
*Denotes influence used.
^Denotes maximum influence subtracted by a card in the NAPD Most Wanted list.
Well that just about sums up this store championship event. Don’t go anywhere though as we still have quite a few more events to bring you this store champs season:

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