Android: Netrunner 2016 Queensland Regionals Report

Brisbane doesn’t get cold too often, even in the dead middle of winter, but on Saturday 25th June it was mighty cold with an Antarctic breeze chilling anyone brave enough to venture outside to the bone. One thing burning strong through the biting winds was the fire in the belly of each and every player heading to Guf Brisbane for the Android: Netrunner Queensland Regionals for 2016. Dramatic? Maybe. Understated? Not in the slightest.

33 players heeded the call of glory and sweet loots that would be won throughout the day which meant I would be wrangling these players through five rounds of Swiss matches followed by a top eight cut for those worthy of the top tables. I was very glad I’d packed a thermos of hot coffee to see me through it all. Of those 33 players we were very fortunate to play host to three players from Hervey Bay and another five players from the northern reaches of our fair state in Cairns and Townsville. It was a mixed crowd of veteran and casual players but the mood was nonetheless upbeat, full of energy and anticipation as I preached the event proceedings then moved in to round one.


Five store champions presented their first round byes and took a well-earned free pass to round two while the remaining 28 players paired up and duked it out for 65 minutes. While play was underway I took the opportunity to set up the alternate art cards and playmats donated by some of the local players for the silent auction being run throughout the day. This was an initiative created by the players to hawk off some of their hard earned winnings to some new and some older players with a cut of the sale going towards a community cash pool, not yet large enough for swimming in, to be spent on core sets for teaching decks or buying or creating prizes for player-run tournaments among many other ideas. Great job everyone!

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I was surprised to see such an eclectic mix of identities and deck styles that had arrived on the day and were being put to the test in the first round. You can see here the variation in identities including a Professor and two of Sunny Lebeau for the runners and a Nisei Division and a Stronger Together on the corporation side.

runner-identities corp-identities

Far and away we still see the ever popular Near-Earth Hub for NBN and Kate “Mac” McCaffrey for Shaper thanks to their consistency at tournament level. However, Leela Patel and Noise had a strong showing with a surprise downturn in Whizzard stocks with only one crawling out of his crash space on the day. On the corp side, Engineering the Future is still a crowd favourite but that’s no surprise. What was great to see was the sheer diversity in corp identities with HB having the least representation but Jinteki and Weyland sharing the same level at six identities each.

Of all these prospective corps and runners we ended up with a magnificent top eight with the illustrious Frenchman from Hervey Bey, Loic Ayoul, taking out first seed, a stellar performance after taking 6th place in the Paris regionals. The standings were:


From here it was all-out war as the players split into their pairs like pigs to the slaughter as the competition moved into double-elimination rounds. First up, we had top seed Loic with Near-Earth Hub take on eighth seed Adrienne and Leela Patel. Check it out right here:

Adrienne quickly dispatched Loic and sent him tumbling to the lower bracket while Adrienne recomposed herself and settled in to take on her next challenger in Alex “Chips” Marchuk on the way to the top. Alas, it wasn’t to be though as “Chips” was on point and Astro-trained to victory to send Adrienne to the depths of the lower bracket where the 2016 Sydney Regional Champion Andru “Murder King” Rodger awaited his next prey. They fought it out on camera for your viewing pleasure:

Thanks to some insider trading and blackmailing, Adrienne’s SYNC deck was able to exchange some information and nab the victory from under Andru’s nose. Your murder spree ends here Rodger! Meanwhile, in the upper bracket, Josh and Alex were hard at it for the coveted upper spot in the grand final:

The stealthy Jesminder dodged NBN’s tags and came out the victor sending ol’ “Chips” to the lower bracket where he faced off against Adrienne for the last time. Sadly, Adrienne was knocked out but was much applauded for her great success in making the top eight in her first regional tournament so congratulations!

And then there were two. The grand final boiled down to Josh and Alex where it was a tough ask but not impossible for Alex to win twice to secure the title of Regional Champion and Josh stood fast in his way to crush his dreams. Well, not quite, but you get the idea. The battle began right here:

Alex sought retribution for his corp deck and he found it, sending Jesminder back to the slums. Next up, it was Alex’s Whizzard taking on Josh’s Blue Sun for the title and glory. Unfortunately, the camera ran out of juice so we weren’t able to capture the thrilling conclusion but fear not, for we are committed to bringing you the results. And that leads me to…


Congratulations to Alex! The Queensland 2016 Regional Champion! It was a tough slog having to best Josh and being that the finals are not timed meant that these two would squeeze every second of their time into their play and strategy. Josh held out for a long time and even had a chance at killing Alex’s runner but he was too resilient and then it was only a matter of time until Alex could dig deep enough on R&D to find the last agenda he needed. You can scope out the finalist’s decks at the end of this report.

It was a massive day but a great one nonetheless with a lot of triumphs and as many downfalls but everyone walked away a winner from playing such a brilliant game with amazing people. Thanks again to everyone that came out on the day and made it what it was. Hopefully we’ll see you all again, and more, for next year’s regional.

– Kuso

Josh’s Runner:

Petrol Thief (46 cards)
Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain
Event (12)
1 “Freedom Through Equality”
2 Account Siphon ••••••••
1 Code Siphon
3 Diesel
1 Indexing
1 Levy AR Lab Access
3 Sure Gamble
Hardware (8)
2 Clone Chip ∗∗
2 Maya
3 R&D Interface
1 Sports Hopper
Program (11)
1 Atman
1 Cerberus “Lady” H1
1 Clot ••
1 Cyber-Cypher
1 Gordian Blade
1 Inti
1 Mimic •
3 Self-modifying Code
1 Sharpshooter
Resource (15)
3 Armitage Codebusting
3 Daily Casts
3 Earthrise Hotel
1 Film Critic •
1 Kati Jones
3 Same Old Thing
1 The Turning Wheel •

Josh’s Corp:

Extinction Level Event (49 cards)
Blue Sun: Powering the Future
Agenda (10)
2 Global Food Initiative ••
2 Hostile Takeover
3 Oaktown Renovation
3 Project Atlas
Asset (7)
1 Adonis Campaign ••
1 Corporate Town
1 Elizabeth Mills
1 Executive Boot Camp
3 Jackson Howard •••
ICE (17)
2 Archer
2 Assassin
2 Cobra
2 Curtain Wall
2 Enigma
2 Hive
1 Meru Mati
3 Spiderweb
1 Wormhole
Operation (13)
2 Consulting Visit
3 Hedge Fund
1 Interns
1 Midseason Replacements ••••
3 Oversight AI
3 Scorched Earth
Upgrade (2)
1 Caprice Nisei ••••
1 Crisium Grid

Alex’s Runner

Finger Food

Whizzard: Master Gamer (What Lies Ahead) [46 cards]

Event (10)
3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)
1x Levy AR Lab Access (Creation and Control) •••
3x Dirty Laundry (Creation and Control)
3x I’ve Had Worse (Order and Chaos)

Hardware (7)
2x Grimoire (Core Set)
2x Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead)
3x Clone Chip (Creation and Control) •••••• ∗∗∗

Resource (15)
3x Wyldside (Core Set)
3x Liberated Account (Trace Amount)
3x Daily Casts (Creation and Control)
1x Same Old Thing (Creation and Control)
2x Adjusted Chronotype (The Valley)
3x Street Peddler (The Underway)

Icebreaker (4)
1x Corroder (Core Set)
1x Mimic (Core Set)
2x Faust (The Underway)

Program (10)
2x Datasucker (Core Set)
2x Medium (Core Set)
3x Parasite (Core Set) ∗∗∗
2x D4v1d (The Spaces Between)
1x Clot (The Valley)

Alex’s Corp:

Old Yeller [49 cards]

Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center (Upstalk)

Agenda (10)
3x AstroScript Pilot Program (Core Set)
2x Breaking News (Core Set)
2x Global Food Initiative (Data and Destiny) ••
3x Project Beale (Future Proof)

Asset (11)
3x Mumba Temple (Kala Ghoda)
2x Daily Business Show (All That Remains)
3x Jackson Howard (Opening Moves)
2x PAD Campaign (Core Set)
1x Team Sponsorship (The Universe of Tomorrow) •

Upgrade (5)
2x Cyberdex Virus Suite (Order and Chaos)
3x SanSan City Grid (Core Set)

Operation (11)
2x Exchange of Information (The Liberated Mind)
2x Biotic Labor (Core Set) ••••• •••
1x Fast Track (Honor and Profit)
3x Hedge Fund (Core Set)
3x Sweeps Week (True Colors)

Barrier (4)
2x Resistor (Data and Destiny)
2x Wraparound (Fear and Loathing)

Code Gate (3)
1x Archangel (Data and Destiny)
1x Enigma (Core Set)
1x Tollbooth (Core Set)

Sentry (5)
3x Data Raven (Core Set)
1x Gutenberg (Breaker Bay)
1x Turnpike (Data and Destiny)

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