An Agenda in Time (Android: Netrunner)


Welcome to the Brisbane stop along the Android: Netrunner Chronos Protocol tour around the world. This was the event a lot of keen Netrunners had been looking forward to for some months now after missing out on the United States’ exclusive Plugged-In tour. Both of these tours were created with the premise of providing players with a chance to have some input in the future creation of a part of the game. Fantasy Flight Games devised the tours to allow players to vote between two distinct, powerful, and prestigious identities, the winner of which would be brought into the game at some point in the future. The other identity would then be permanently derezzed, destined to never see a Runner’s sweaty, Diesel-soaked grip or the greedy, money-grubbing hands behind the walls of the corporation’s HQ.

New identities are always a key point of interest for players so putting them up for contention is not only the logical decision for FFG but also the most exciting for players. The two identities for this tour were no exception to the fact. The Chronos Protocol of selective mind-mapping was canvassed to two of the interested mega-corps; Haas-Bioroid and Jinteki. The votes were cast with much discussion amongst players with most skewing heavily towards the eventual outright winner. Jinteki took the players’ vote with twenty out of the twenty-four votes while Haas-Bioroid’s bid for the technology was denied. If we use this as an indicator for the remainder of the tour then we could see Jinteki gaining another powerful identity that I’m sure we’ll all be waiting with bated breath to taunt Runners with.

Megacorps Jinteki and Haas-Bioroid - vying for the Chronos Protocol

Megacorps Jinteki and Haas-Bioroid – vying for the Chronos Protocol

In speaking of waiting with bated breath, the turnout for the event was one of the best Brisbane players had seen for some time now with the aforementioned 24 players making the trek. Being a prestigious one-time event, itsaw some out-of-towners joining the local scene for a chance at some of the sweet loots. We had Jo from Lismore, Sohum from Melbourne, and ATGN’s own Tomas, also from Melbourne, catch the red-eye to throw their hats in the ring which rounded out our 24 strong tournament. The last big events we saw for Brisbane were the 2013 Regionals with almost 30 players and the local Brisbane Ashes event which brought over 16 players out of the woodwork. Needless to say this game has grown and expanded at an unbelievable rate with the player base expanding all around the nation. If you’re not amongst the game yet then you best be starting right now!

Having 24 players called for 5 rounds of Swiss pairs with a top four cut in the final rounds which was great for everyone to play through the current meta with a few twists here and there with some deck ideas right from left field.  As expected, the meta came through with tournament heavy decks, particularly on the corporation side with the well-known NBN ‘Fast Advance’ utilising Making News. Shaper Runners were the force of the day as well with the power of recursion via Self-Modifying Codes, Clone Chips, and Test Runs with the Wünderkind Chaos Theory herself leading the charge.

Runner and Corporation Faction Splits

Runner and Corporation Faction Splits

After the rounds had been hard-fought and the victors emerged we had our top 8 who all scored one of the very nice Chronos Protocol playmats as well as the full art NBN Making News cards that all players were salivating over. The top four then settled in for their finals matches with top player and our current National champion Andru Rodger facing off against myself while Sohum played off against Jo. As expected, Andru took me out of contention but not before I was, and I quote from Andru himself, “the only person that looked to defeat my Runner”. That alone is a prize.

Chronos Protocol Fat Loots

Chronos Protocol Fat Loots

Finally, the grand match took place between Andru and Sohum who had taken out Jo in what seemed record time. Unfortunately for Sohum, however, Andru was able to blitz his game, winning with his Corp 10 agenda points to Sohum’s zero then turning around and scored a two pointer for the clincher with his Runner in the first couple of turns. After a long, hard day of scoring and stealing agendas, clicking for endless credits, and tirelessly running against veiled servers, Andru walked away as the Chronos Protocol Champion for the Brisbane leg of the tour. Both Sohum and Andru also took home each a Chronos Protocol, messenger bag as well as all of the sweet swag mentioned before. You can check out Andru’s decks right here:







Happy Champion - Andru Rodger

Happy Champion – Andru Rodger

Congratulations to Andru and all players of the day for making this event as great as it was. Android: Netrunner is well and truly alive in Brisbane, let alone Australia, and will continue to expand in the future. Stay tuned to ATGN for the upcoming videos of the finals matches recorded from the day with full commentary from the Champ himself.

Thanks for reading and keep running those servers! ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!


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