The 7th Star is aligned…

It has taken over three years, but the stars have finally aligned, and on Friday the 13th of all days, I have received Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition in all it’s hardbound, slipcased glory. It has been a long road, and Chaosium has been through some hard times, but it is finally here.


This isn’t going to be a huge article, and I am going to leave all the pics to the gallery slideshow at the end of the article. But first I will give a brief description of what I have gotten so far, and what I’m yet to receive.


Keeper Rule Book
Investigator Handbook
Keepers Screen Kit – containing:
–Keepers Screen
–Missed Dues & Backwater Creek (Scenario book)
–Keeper references
–Maps (Arkham, Lovecraft Country, The World, Floor Plans)
S. Peterson’s Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors
Nameless Horrors (Scenario book)
Various PDFs
The Fez


Have not:

1000% backer T-shirt
1000% backer pin
1000% backer signed certificate
Dice + Dice bag
A few printed items of some of the various PDFs, such as book marks and evidence file.


So a few more things to go yet, but the main part is here, and that is all that matters. The main part, of course, is the Fez. The books are of excellent quality, as are the maps. There are some printed character sheets that came in the Keeper Screen Kit, but for some reason they are printed on glossy paper. The two main books and the Keeper Screen Kit all came within a nice study slipcase emblazoned on one side with the cover art from the Keeper Rule Book and the cover art from the Investigator Handbook on the other side. The artwork within S. Peterson’s Field Guide is amazing. Though I’ve yet to read through the two scenario books (totaling eight scenarios), I can only assume they will be good, from previous experience with Chaosium scenarios.

Now here’s some pictures of my 7th Edition awesome-ness.

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Orders for your own 7th Edition materials are available, as a second printing is in progress, from the Chaosium site.

Any questions about all this? Feel free to leave them in the comments section and I assure you I will answer all I can (which is all of them).


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