2016 A Game of Thones 2.0 Store Championship Report – Good Games Brisbane

On Sunday it was Good Games Brisbane’s turn to host their Store Championship event for A Game of Thrones 2.0. GG is traditionally the home of AGoT in Brisbane which meant everyone was expecting a decent turnout, so when only 11 players showed up it was a little surprising. Under the recent revision of the tournament rules, Store Championships now use a different tournament structure to regional and national events. 11 players, under the new rules saw simply a 4-round Swiss format tournament take place, however if this were the regional event, it would have included a top four cut.

What was brought to the table?

With the latest expansion having hit Aussie shores, King’s Peace was tournament legal, and the new agenda The Lord of the Crossing has added even more variety to the number of decks brought to the table.


the-lord-of-the-crossingThere was only one deck that was piloted by more than one player, House Lannister with The Lord of the Crossing. One player went with the tried and true Baratheon kneel deck, 8 other players zigged in their own way with whatever deck strategy they felt would be strong against it and two players zagged to try and counter the counters.

Round-by-Round Breakdown

Round 1

Daniel 5 v Steve 0

Chuck 0 v Glenn 5

Tobias 5 v Simon 0

Marcus 0 v Sam 5

Michael 0 v Jarrad 5

Gemma 5 Bye

Daniel’s Greyjoy faced off against Steve’s Martell, both running Fealty. Greyjoy, in the current meta, has a very potent stealth kill strategy, whilst Martell likes to take its licks before dishing out some punishment of its own. Greyjoy proved too strong in the end. Glenn took his Tyrell knights to Chuck’s Stark Fealty. Glenn’s deck was fine tuned and got the better of Chuck’s Starks. Tobias’ Tyrell/Lion combo downed Simon’s Wolf Watch deck. Then it came to Marcus v Sam. Both players were running the same deck and came to the tournament with the same strategy. Their decks were built to disrupt their opponent, counteract their tricks and dominate the game, so it was a bizarre twist of fate that these decks had to face each other in a mirror match in round 1. This game was only ever going to come down to which deck fired fastest and fortunately for Chris, his did. Jarrad’s Martell Crossing deck defeated Michael’s Tyrell Fealty and Gemma scored the first round bye.

Round 2

Daniel 5 v Jarrad 0

Glenn 0 v Sam 5

Tobias 5 v Gemma 0

Chuck 5 v Simon 0

Marcus 5 v Michael 0

Steve 5 bye

Daniel’s Greyjoys continued to go strong, defeating another Martel deck. Sam’s deck continued to do what it came here to do and upset a class player in Glenn. Tobias defeated Gemma’s Baratheon Lion. Chuck bounced back from his round one defeat against Simon. Marcus’ deck fired much more convincingly against Michael. Steve had an early lunch with a bye.

Round 3

Sam 5 v Daniel 0

Tobias 5 v Steve 0

Gemma 1 v Chuck 4

Glenn 5 v Simon 0

Marcus 5 v Jarrad 0

Michael 5 bye

Sam had well and truly earnt his spot at the top of the table by this point so this was a big test for Daniel’s Greyjoy. Sadly for him it proved to be too big a test and Sam remained undefeated. Also remaining undefeated was Tobias who managed to take down Steve’s Martell. Gemma and Tobias had the first and only result of the tournament that went to time. At the conclusion of the turn, Chuck was in front. Glenn bounced back against an unfortunate Simon who had, some would say, the toughest field of players to play against. Marcus’ deck continued to perform as intended and defeated Jarrad. Michael got the bye.

At this point the question was asked about whether or not they should include a top cut at the conclusion of the event. Marcus was keen to have one and most others didn’t mind but Sam was not keen at all. And since Sam was sitting in the box seat he had the most to lose for going ahead with a top four cut so the decision was to go as planned and finish the tournament after the conclusion of round 4.

Final Round

Sam 5 v Tobias 0

Glenn 5 v Marcus 0

Daniel 5 v Charles 0

Gemma 0 v Michael 5

Steve 0 v Jarrad 5

Simon 5 bye

Sam and Tobias played what was essentially meant to be this event’s grand final. It was a tough match but Sam’s deck had a plan and he carried it out to perfection, securing the tournament win. Marcus was behind for most of the game against Glenn but had a plan to turn it around which hinged on a risk. Unfortunately, that risk backfired and lost him the game. Daniel finished his tournament on a high note against Chuck, as did Michael after defeating Gemma. Jarrad got his redemption against Steve and Simon took his leave early after securing the last bye of the tournament.

Final Standings

Tournament Organiser Glenn used tournament software The Jousting Pavilion to run his event and here are the final standings:

  1. Sam 20 Points (SoS 3.44)
  2. Glenn 15 (2.44) (ESoS 2.97)
  3. Daniel 15 (2.44) (2.68)
  4. Tobias 15 (1.33)
  5. Marcus 10 (3.23)
  6. Jarrad 10 (1.98)
  7. Michael 10 (1.78)
  8. Chuck 9 (1.96)
  9. Gemma 6 (2.56)
  10. Steve 5 (3.33)
  11. Simon 5 (3.25)

So Sam came away with the first round bye into regionals, the plaque, the tokens, the mat, the deck box and the alt art cards. Glenn scored the tokens, mat, deck box and alt art cards. With extra mats on offer, two 1.0 mats up for grabs and the TO giving his up, everyone walked away with a play mat of some kind. Everyone also scored a deck box and alt art cards.


Sam’s Winning Deck list:

House Lannister

The Lords of the Crossing


GT01_91x Confiscation

1x A Noble Cause

1x Calm over Westeros

1x Counting Coppers

2x Calling the Banners

1x Summons


3x Ser Gregor CleganeGT04_49

3x Tywin Lannister

3x Tyrion Lannister

3x Jaime Lannister

2x The Hound

2x Cercei Lannister

1x The Tickler

3x Lannisport Merchant

2x Brothel Madame

3x Burned Men

2x Maester Pycelle

2x LittlefingerGT01_28

2x Syrio Farel

1x Ralleshirt’s Raiders

3x Hedge Knight

1x Widow’s Wail

1x Seal of the Hand

2x Milk of the Poppy

3x Kingsroad

3x Roseroad

3x Western Feifdom

1x Lannisport

3x Put to the SwordGT01_41

2x Tears of Lys

2x Hand’s Judgement

2x Treachery

2x Things I Do for Love

That’s it for this coverage. The store championship season is now winding down with only two events left. THese events are theStar Wars LCGs event at GUF Brisbane on Saturday and Good Games Brisbane’s Star Wars event two weeks later. Make sure you catch all the action here.

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