2015 Star Wars LCG Queensland Regional Report

Last week 11 people gathered in the name of Star Wars to clash for the illustrious title of State Champion! This attendance was well in line with other states along the eastern seaboard with 10 people at the Victorian regional and 11 at New South Wales’ event. This is sadly a significant decline in Brisbane’s numbers in recent years and many people blame some broken metas that had to be fixed as well as the stagnation of the card pool due to delays in releases. However it can be truly said that the meta is in a healthy position now as the recent ‘Rogue Squadron Cycle’ has given some much needed love to some of the more neglected factions like Navy and Rebels.

This trend is highlighted well when you compare the number of each faction’s decks that ran in the tournament for the light side, but people are still quite slow to get behind Rebels. Surprisingly Smugglers & Spies, despite having some strong deck types were completely neglected.

Light Side Decks

Over on the dark side, the force is still strongest with the Sith but slowly the other factions are starting to get more love. The reluctance to move away from Sith is likely due to the dominance Jedi still have within the local meta. Recent changes to the FAQ document released last week will most likely see the meta burst wide open as a lot of the Jedi’s powerful combinations have been diminished.

Dark Side Decks

The competition was very tight and expertly ran by Ashley Cook. Due to the low numbers the playing group decided that it was unreasonable to expect him to sit out of the tournament so the unanimous decision was to allow him to play. The best argument cited was the fact that if Star Wars had the following that Netrunner has in Brisbane (29 players attended the Queensland Rgional held on the Gold Coast) then it would have been a different story. It was an interesting discussion and one that should be considered next time a review of tournament rules come around. A tournament that has 17 or more players as an example might be a good cut off point where you would expect a TO to focus entirely on running the event.

Plenty more delicious statistics to come but firstly for those who are interested here is the round by round breakdown of how things transpired:

Round 1:

Kuso v Nathan 6-0

Rodney v Simon 3-3

David v Lin 6-0

Glann v Tyson 6-0

Super Byes: Tristin, Dutch and Marcus.

Round 1 Standings:

1. Dutch 6

1. Tristin 6

1. Marcus 6

1. Kuso 6

1. David 6

7. Rodney 3

7. Simon 3

9. Tyson 0

9. Lin 0

9. Nathan 0


Round 2:

David v Marcus 3-3

Rodney v Lin 3-3

Nathan v Simon 6-0

Tristin v Glenn 6-0

Kuso v Dutch 3-3

Bye: Tyson

Round 2 Standings:

1. Tristin 12

2. Dutch 9

2. Marcus 9

2. David 9

2. Kuso 9

6. Glenn 6

6. Tyson 6

6. Nathan 6

6. Rodney 6

10. Simon 3

10. Lin 3


Round 3:

Tristin v Marcus 6-0

Kuso v Glenn 6-0

Rodney v Tyson 6-0

David v Dutch 3-3

Nathan v Lin 3-3

Bye: Simon

Round 3 Standings:

1. Tristin 18

2. Kuso 15

3. Rodney 12

3. David 12

3. Dutch 12

6. Nathan 9

6. Simon 9

6. Marcus 9

9. Lin 6

9. Glenn 6

9. Tyson 6


Round 4:

Kuso v Tristin 3-3

Nathan v Marcus 3-3

Simon v David 3-3

Dutch v Rodney 6-0

Lin v Tyson 3-3

Bye: Glenn

Round 4 Standings:

1. Tristin 21

2. Dutch 18 (39)

3. Kuso 18 (36)

4. David 15


5. Marcus 12 (45)

6. Rodney 12 (33)

6. Glenn 12 (33)

8. Simon 12 (30)

9. Nathan 12 (27)

10. Lin 9 (33)

11. Tyson 9 (27)


After the dust had settled some very interesting results came out of this tournament. For a fair while now the light side has been enjoying its time in the sun as the more dominant side of the force. It is widely considered by many that even now in the current meta this tournament was held in that the light side had the advantage but it seems that perhaps the light sides over-confidence was its weakness and its faith in its Jedi friends might have been ill advised.

side wins

This pie chart clearly shows a shift in the trend away from light side dominance but this could very well be due to the fact that for a long time now the Jedi have been favoured as the go-to light side and players in the meta have simply learnt how to play against it.

If you compare win percentages of each faction you get some pretty interesting results.

Win %ages

All three dark side factions had a greater win percentage than the Jedi which is an astonishing statistic which indicates more than anything else a changing of the guard is imminent. The Nationals event coming up in September is certainly shaping up to be anyone’s game!

So now we move onto the top 4 cut (which yet again I missed out on in the barest of margins! Curses!):

Double Elimination Round (DER) 1:

Tristin (D) def David (L)

Kuso (D) def Dutch (L)

Tristin’s Sith/Scum combo came head to a head against David’s Rebel Fighters. Dave’s affinity with Navy/Rebels saw him Win the New South Wales Regional and come 4th in the Victorian Regional and his form was looking to continue here. Tristin, who has been a force to be reckoned with since his runner up effort and Nationals in Sydney last year was certainly no pushover. Tristin proved too strong for Dave this time around. Dutch went into this tournament with a strong desire to win a Regional, a title which has eluded him in the past. This competitive season seemed to show that his time had come as out of the three store championships held in Brisbane this year, he won one and came runner up twice. Kuso came into this tournament with something to prove looking to establish himself as another tier one player to be feared in the local meta and he had come out all guns blazing! Dutch however had a rather physical handicap start to develop. An allergic reaction began to plague him causing his eyelids to start swelling up. Dutch felt fine other than his incredibly itchy eyes but they provided to much noise for his concentration and Kuso’s strong builds and skill sent Dutch reeling into the bottom bracket.

DER 2:

Tristin (D) def Kuso (L)

Dutch (D) def David (L)

Tristin and Kuso’s match up proved to be the heavyweight clash of the tournament. This game came down to the wire but it was Tristin’s undefeated dark side that came away with the win. Dutch was determined to persevere with the problem with his eyes. By this point his eyes had gone from red with little lumps to bags starting to fill with fluid, but persevere he did coming away with a triumphant win. On Dave’s part he was satisfied with 4th place knowing that his decks performed reliably.

DER 3:

Kuso (L) def Dutch (D)

As the rounds continued the stakes kept getting higher and none moreso for Dutch. The sacks under his eyes now resembled nasty blisters and they were threatening to close his eyes over. The effort was valiant. Gallant even. But ultimately fruitless. The problem proving to be too much, Dutch had to bow out. Coming 3rd despite all of the drama however was an effort to be proud of. Knowing Dutch, we will be back with a vengeance come Nationals.

DER 4:

Tristin (D) def Kuso (L)

A replay from DER 2 went much the same way as before. No backing down. No taksy-backsies. All epic. You can see the game in all of its glory right here:

 Thanks and credit to Nathan Bennell for the video footage. Commentary by Marcus.

So a massive congratulations to our two Finalists Tristin and Kuso for a very impressive effort! This tournament certainly showed there were no easy wins and everyone gave it their all. But to the victor’s; the spoils! Here’s what our finalists were running:

Tristin’s Dark Side:

Scum & Villainy Affiliation

2x The Emperor’s Web ( Core Emperor Palpatine)

2x Fall of the Jedi (Core Darth Vader)

2x Counsel of the Sith (Twist of Fate)

2x All Out Brawl (Zekka Thyne

2x Masterful Manipulation (Prince Xizor)

1x The Call of the Cult (Cularin Cultists)

1x The Plan of the Prophetess (Sariss)


Tristin’s Light Side:

Jedi Affiliation:

2x May the Force Be With You (Yoda, You Seek Yoda)

2x A Heroes Journey (Core Luke)

1x The Secret of Yavin 4 (Core C-3PO)

2x Following Fate (Obi-Wan with Noble Sacrifice)

2x The Master’s Domain (Tactics Yoda)

2x The Survivors (Qu Rahn)

1x Hidden from the Empire (Vima-Da-Boda)

It is worth pointing out that these are 12 pod decks which many would consider inconceivable that such large decks could be consistent enough to win a tournament. Tristin, it seems, was out to prove a point!


Kuso’s Dark Side:

Scum and Villainy Affiliation

1x “No Disintegrations” (Flamethrowing Boba Fett)

1x Counsel of the Sith (Twist of Fate)

2x Fall of the Jedi (Core Darth Vader)

2x The Emperor’s Web (Core Emperor Palpatine)

2x The Plans of the Prophetess (Sariss)

2x Masterful Manipulation (Prince Zixor)


Kuso’s Light Side:

Jedi Affiliation

1x Heroes and Legents (Kyle Katarn)

1x In You Must Go (Core Yoda)

1x The Survivors (Qu Rahn)

2x May the Force Be With You (Yoda, You Seek Yoda)

2x A Heroes Trial (Attachment Luke)

1x The Flight of the Crow (The Moldy Crow)

1x Hidden from the Empire (Vima-Da-Boda)

1x The Watchers in the Wasteland (Multiplayer Obi-Wan)

Also interesting to note here that some would advise that a deck with so many different pods in it would also play inconsistently but Kuso also proved a point!

That’s it for this report, make sure you stay tuned to ATGN when we bring to you all the action from the Star Wars Australian National Championship coming in September.

– Marcus


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